In My Mother's Hands

A dead baby and things not right in the 50s – Biff Ward plumbs the mystery at the heart of her parents’ lives. Ultimately this book is about things that are hidden. 

           In My Mother’s Hands is the story of a young girl confused and anxious about her mother's behaviour, yet also fearing that her mother might be taken away and locked up forever. Emotionally complex, it has some of the qualities of a first-rate mystery. What was the real story of her sister Alison’s death? What is the real nature of her mother’s illness and where it will lead? What kind of man is her father – a legend or a womaniser, or both?

           A beautifully written true coming-of-age story set in Sydney, Canberra and Armidale, this is a story that will intrigue readers of any age. As well, for those interested in social history there is an extra dimension – the husband is the  controversial historian, Russel Ward, author of The Australian Legend.

           One family's journey though grief, confusion and fear and, even in the darkest times, love.




Father-Daughter Rape


Father-Daughter Rape was written in the white heat of the days when only a few people had realized that sexual abuse of girl children by a trusted adult male was occurring at a significant rate and that it was invisible to the wider community.

            Published in the UK and US in 1984, it became a standard text for child protection workers throughout the western world. A startlingly well written book, it charts the patriarchal nature of the clinical literature on this subject from Freud in 1896 to the 1980s.

            Now out of print, it is available from many liraries and on-line from all reputable second-hand book sites.


Project |03


three's company

three's company is a conversation in poems about the environment, feminism and love by Biff Ward, Donna McSkimming and Debroah McCulloch. three's company won the Friendly St/ Wakefield Press poetry award for 1991 and was launched at Adelaide Writers' Week in 1992. 
           The first edition of 500 sold out within a week, so we talked Wakefield into printing another edition. It turned out the rush was over - so now we each have a box of books under our beds. Available for the cost of postage!